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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Shooters and Fishers Campaign

The Shooters and Fishers have been a bit quiet lately (having succeeded in achieving wind backs in marine protection), but they've now started an anti NPWS campaign using the following letter.

If you have had a positive experience with NPWS or MPA please consider putting pen to paper and writing to the Minister or the local paper to counter this campaign

Minister's address is: 
            Ms Robyn Parker, MP
            Minister for the Environment
            Level 32 Governor Macquarie Tower
            1 Farrer Place
            SYDNEY  NSW 2000
email: office@parker.minister.nsw.gov.au

Janet C
a/Secretary, Clarence Valley Conservation Coalition

Here is the Shooters and Fishers Call to their "Freedom Fighters'.

Dear Freedom Fighters

Many of you, like me, have grave concerns about the competence and ability of the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) and Marine Parks Authority (MPA) to effectively manage public lands and waters under their control.  Areas of concern include:

·         Native species - ongoing decline in distribution and abundance of native species

·         Feral animals and weeds - remain abundant and poorly controlled in our parks and reserve system despite expenditure of vast sums of public money ($33million in 2009-2010)

·         Wildfires - remain a constant threat to human life and neighbouring property as fuel loads remain under managed

·         State Forests - once productive and sustainably managed State Forests, turned over to un-managed, rarely visited National Parks

·         Game Bird Management Program - our game birds are grossly mismanaged under a preservationist "no-kill" ideology in NPWS

·         Flying foxes - orchardists in the Sydney basin are no-longer being issued permits to control ever-increasing populations of this native pest

·         Native Vegetation - overzealous interpretation of native vegetation Act and persecution of rural landholders

·         Pig-headedness - of refusing to allow firearm owners to travel through national parks with securely stored firearms and ammunition to private property or public lands they are legally entitled to hunt on

·         Management decisions - based on 'faith' rather than true Science

·         Marine Parks - there will be continued pressure from the Greens on the new Government to expand the number of Marine Parks.... despite the Shooters and Fishers Party Bill for a five year moratorium

·         Recreational Fishing Havens  - the Government does not appear willing to hand back the "stolen" Meroo Lake Recreational Fishing Haven (it was added to Meroo National Park, south of Ulladulla, in the dying days of the Labor Government)

·         Fisheries Minister - refusal of the new Government to appoint a dedicated Fisheries Minister, despite the promises made by Duncan Gay before the last election

·         Access for All - The new Government has made SOME concessions to 4WDers/Off-road Bikers etc., but NOT in National Parks. Too many fire trails have been deliberately "wrecked" so as to allow them to be downgraded to "Park Tracks". 4WD clubs used to assist in keeping these fire-trails open and safe.

With this litany of incompetence and mismanagement it is little wonder that in December 2009 the NSW Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resource Management recommended that:
"The Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water reviews the current goals, objectives and priorities for biodiversity conservation and facilitates the community and scientific debate necessary to identify a new approach to biodiversity management." (http://www.parliament.nsw.gov.au/Prod/parlment/committee.nsf/0/9DEA10FCCD2704B5CA25768700241496?open&refnavid=CO4_2)

The NSW Liberal Government's honeymoon period is over - it's time they started to act!

Call to Action
We need as many people as possible who have experienced NPWS or MPA mismanagement to write to the Minister detailing their concerns.  Letters should include specific cases of mismanagement and include photographic evidence where ever possible.  Letters should be addressed to:

           Ms Robyn Parker, MP
            Minister for the Environment
           etc etc

Note: Please add "CC The Hon. Robert Brown" to your letter, and mail a second copy of your letter to:

           The Hon. Robert Brown, MLC
            etc etc

Thanks for your support.
Steve Larsson

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