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Wednesday, 19 October 2011

O’Farrells Broken Promises

Barry is accused of breaking a promise every second day
A Labor Party blog has listed 100 broken promises of the O’Farrell government. Labor claims that “On average the O’Farrell Government breaks an election promise every second day."

The broken promises listed include:

* A dumped stamp duty concessions for first home buyers;

* The passing on of an 18% increase to electricity bills;

* A proposed cut to the solar tariff from 60 cents to 40 cents, for people already in the scheme before backflipping, after public outrage;

* A cut of at least 5000 public sector jobs in the last budget;

* Introduced industrial legislation to stop the Industrial Relations Commission’s ability to preside over OH&S matters;

* Limited wage rises for public sector workers (nurses, teachers, social workers);

* Has not been able to end the scandals; Steve Cansdell was forced to resign after falsely signing a statutary declaration to avoid a speeding fine;

* A funding cut of 266 million for school maintenance;

 * Promised an honest government but lied about the impact of the carbon tax, ignoring the advice of the NSW Treasury;

* Lied about the black hole in the state’s finances;

* Cut allowances for foster carers;

* Failed to warn families in Stockton for 54 hours that their children were exposed to toxic chemicals.

See more of this list of broken promises.

What a pity the incompetence of the previous Labor government was such that the voters in NSW could no longer stand the stench of the Labor government. What a pity Labor’s incompetence paved the way for this right wing, dishonest, promise-breaking Liberal/National Party coalition that favors big business, coal seam gas mining and antimony mining but sacks prison officers and other public sector workers.

It is time to vote for the Greens, a party that advocates honest government, protection of the environment, protection of workers rights and the rights of the socially disadvantaged.

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