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Thursday, 27 October 2011

LGA votes to support price on carbon

Green Councillors attending the NSW Local Government Association have welcomed the vote of support for a price on carbon.

Following a robust debate at the LGA Conference in Nowra, the vote to support a price on carbon was 132 delegates in favour and 122 against.

NSW Greens Convener and LGA Executive Member Councillor James Ryan said:

"Today's vote gives local communities around NSW confidence that their councils will provide strong leadership to address climate change.

"Speakers at the conference were told how all members of the community earning less than $80,000 would be better off under the carbon price than they were previously.

"Councillors also spoke about the coming cost to Councils of dealing with sea level rise and the urgent need for a strategy to deal with climate change.
Erosion on Belongil beach Photo: NSW Department of Land and Water Conservation

"The cost for Councils will be greater in the future if we do not take action to reduce carbon emissions now.

"We welcome the Low Carbon Communities Program of $320m initiated by the Federal Government but we urge this fund to be doubled to allow Councils across Australia to put in place energy efficiency measures which reduce their reliance on coal fired power.'

"Once again we are please that a majority of Councillors recognise that a price on carbon is a necessary step to a better future for all
Australians," Cr Ryan said.

Media contact: James Ryan 0414 922 591

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