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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Labor, Coalition, and Greens - CSG Mining

Labor has not thrown support behind calls for a moratorium on CSG mining.

The previous National Party MP said, ".. the main issue for people of the Northern Rivers was fracking, and the use of the toxic BTEX cocktail of chemicals which have the potential to contaminate underground aquifers."

“Metgasco don't do any fracking in their operations in Northern NSW,” he said. “If you are going to have a moratorium, don't punish someone who is doing the right thing, like Metgasco.”

MPs drill toxic topic, The Daily Examiner, Rodney Stevens | 19th May 2011


"They (Metgasco) told us this morning how fantastic their operations were; how good for the community. But I asked them - if this is so fantastic and so good for the community why aren't you
appearing at the inquiry in your community?" (Jeremy Buckingham, Greens MP)

'Peter Phelps from the Liberal Party is another member of the inquiry committee. He's more unsure about… everything.
When asked about the experience of communities in the USA where coal seam gas has been mined he said he didn't know about the American experience. Or about France's banning of hydraulic fracturing. And no, he hasn't seen Gasland but he does believe that it's unlikely that toxins released from fracturing the coal seam would infiltrate the groundwater.'



Where Do The Greens Stand?

Submissions pour into coal seam gas inquiry

The Greens mining spokesperson, Jeremy Buckingham MLC, has congratulated the community for their response and engagement with the NSW Upper House Inquiry into coal seam gas with more than 800 submissions being lodged.
“The significant public response to the inquiry should be a wake up call for the government to take this inquiry and the issue of coal seam gas very seriously,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.
“Over 800 submissions have been received and they will be placed on the Committee’s website for the public to read over the next week.
“Coal seam gas has rightly become a matter of major public debate in NSW, and the interest in this parliamentary inquiry reflects the importance of the debate.
“NSW must choose whether to grant the coal seam gas industry a social licence to operate.  Until the Inquiry has reported, the coal seam gas industry should be put on hold,” he said.
MEDIA RELEASE – 15 September 2011

Gas industry advertising campaign a sign of desperation

5 September 2011

The Greens mining spokesperson, Jeremy Buckingham MLC, has labelled as ‘desperate’ a new ‘We Want CSG’ advertising campaign launched by the Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association (APPEA) yesterday.
“The gas industry seems to think it can spend millions on a slick advertising campaign to paper over the legitimate concerns of farmers and communities about the impacts of coal seam gas on water systems, agricultural land and the environment,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.
”Australians have well-honed bullshit detectors, especially when it comes to big oil and gas companies that have long histories of deception and environmental disasters.
“An August Galaxy Research Poll revealed that 68% of Australians (74% in NSW) support a moratorium on the industry until its impacts are known, and 70% want coal seam gas mining banned in cities and towns.
”More than 100 community groups have joined the Lock the Gate Alliance, with thousands of farmers locking the gate against the gas companies. Their real stories have more impact than a 30-second commercial.
“Santos has already spent millions on a glossy advertising campaign, now APPEA have said they’ll spend as much as it takes to turn around opinion.
“We have an increasing reliance of the mining industry on advertising to win support for their processes instead of on good science and work practices,” he said.

The Greens Policy: Environment Impact Assessment and Pollution Control 


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