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Monday, 31 October 2011

Second crossing of the Clarence River at Grafton

Janet Cavanaugh, Greens Candidate for Clarence

Greens candidate for Clarence, Janet Cavanaugh, has given her support to the latest round of consultation for the second crossing of the Clarence River at Grafton.
“I have to admit that I was surprised that this latest round of consultation includes 25 options, many of which were rejected by the Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) a number of years ago,” Ms Cavanaugh said.
“It seems we have gone back to the drawing board. However it is only by taking this step backwards that we will get a second crossing that will work for the whole community for the next 80-100 years.
“We need to realise that this will further delay the bridge’s construction. Plus I still believe Grafton is too far from Sydney for our bridge to be considered a priority for the current government.
“While waiting for bridge promises to be kept, I advise Grafton commuters and businesses to take matters into their own hands. Bridge congestion is a major problem for Grafton, so we need to do something about this issue.
“We can improve traffic flow and also levels of fitness by switching to active transport. Park your car in South Grafton and walk! It only takes 15-20 minutes to walk to Prince St from Riverside Drive or the railway station, and less than 5 minutes to cycle.
“Staggered work hours help spread the traffic. We don’t all have to work from 9 to 5.
“Car pooling is another means of reducing the number of cars crossing the bridge,” she concluded.
Ms Cavanaugh was one of the organisers of the recent Bike Week event which provided a free breakfast to cyclists in a park located next to the bridge, to encourage cycling across the bridge.
“In the long term, if a bridge is to be built,” Ms Cavanaugh said, “I repeat my earlier calls for such a bridge to be located so that heavy traffic using the Summerland Way can bypass the Grafton CBD.”  
The RTA will accept comments on its latest report by Tuesday 22 November 2011 and is holding consultation sessions in Grafton on 14 and 15 November.
Contact: Janet Cavanaugh – 0429 479 968

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