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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Janet Cavanaugh- Greens Candidate for Clarence

17 October 2011

Greens Announce By-election Candidate

The Clarence Greens today confirmed that Janet Cavanaugh would be running as their candidate in next month’s by-election for the seat of Clarence. A resident of the area for more than 20 years, Ms Cavanaugh was the Greens candidate for the March State Election.

“The Greens view this by-election as an opportunity for the electorate to cast a vote of ‘no confidence’ against both major political parties,” Ms Cavanaugh said.

“It is time to clean up NSW politics,” she said. “The Greens have a history of maintaining ethical stands across a range of issues. By acting with integrity, The Greens offer a better way of doing politics and this will result in better outcomes for the electorate.

“One of the key issues we are worried about is the threat posed by mining to our precious water supplies. There is the risk posed by antimony mining on the Dorrigo Plateau to the Coffs-Clarence regional water supply and our estuarine fisheries, and the potential for coal seam gas exploration to drain and poison groundwater reserves as well as wreck important farming land and wildlife habitat.

“Mining needs to be better regulated, to limit these potential impacts. The Greens have introduced a bill to create a 12 month moratorium on coal seam gas exploration across NSW and are calling for a ban on mining within important water catchments.

“The major parties seem unable, or unwilling, to act to protect our land and our water. This by-election is an opportunity for voters to voice their disapproval by casting their vote elsewhere.

“The new Liberal/National Government have already broken promises and we’re all disappointed by what happened here in Clarence.

“And, when it comes to NSW Labor, it is too soon to expect the electorate to have forgiven all the poor and Sydney-centric decisions made under Iemma, Rees and Keneally.

“It is time to send a strong message to both of the major parties that they need to act to protect our water supplies, and they need to clean up their own standards before the electorate should trust them,” she said.

About Janet Cavanaugh:
Janet Cavanaugh has lived in the Clarence for 20 years, and has family connections to the area dating back to her great, great grandparents.

Living in Whiporie in the Richmond Valley and working in Grafton has given Janet a broad knowledge of the two main local government areas in the Clarence electorate.

Janet holds degrees in engineering, natural resources and environmental management. She has worked for the NSW Government since 1992 and, as a result, has extensive experience in the operation of Government.

Janet is a Justice of the Peace, appointed in and for the State of New South Wales. She is a member of the Clarence Valley Council's Climate Change Advisory Committee and was previously a member of the Richmond Valley Council's Rural Community Network Group.

Janet joined The Greens in 1995 as a founding member of the Clarence Valley Greens. She is currently an active member of the Clarence Valley Conservation Coalition and the Clarence Branch of Climate Change Australia.+

You can sign up to support Janet’s campaign for Clarence today.
Email clarence@nsw.greens.org.au or call 0429 479 968

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