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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Janet Cavanaugh campaigns at the Yamba markets.

Janet Cavanaugh was at the Regional Forestry conference on Saturday and campaigning at the Yamba markets on Sunday.

Go to Janet's Facebook site for more pics.

'Only one party stands by its word and that's The Greens!' says Janet.
Could one reason for this be because the NSW Greens do not accept corporate donations?
“It is time to clean up NSW politics,” she said. “The Greens have a history of maintaining ethical stands across a range of issues. By acting with integrity, The Greens offer a better way of doing politics and this will result in better outcomes for the electorate.

“One of the key issues we are worried about is the threat posed by mining to our precious water supplies. There is the risk posed by antimony mining on the Dorrigo Plateau to the Coffs-Clarence regional water supply and our estuarine fisheries, and the potential for coal seam gas exploration to drain and poison groundwater reserves as well as wreck important farming land and wildlife habitat.

Greens Media Release
2011-10-24 12:15
Greens mining spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham today called upon Environment Minister Robyn Parker to explain why she told ABC Television 7.30 program that testing on potentially poisoned fish had been conducted, when the Department of Primary Industries said no such testing has taken place.

The 7.30 NSW program investigated mass fish kills in the Macleay River in northern NSW after a series of toxic spills from the Hillgrove Antimony mine near Armidale.

“Has Minister Parker mislead the public when she said tests on the fish had been done and these tests showed no link to the toxic pollution incidents,” said Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham.

“Robyn Parker must explain the inconsistency between  what she told ABC TV and the statement from the Department of Primary Industry that no tests had been conducted.

“I wrote to the Environment Minister on the 28th of September asking her to investigate and test the dead fish that residents were concerned about and had kept in freezers. It appears no testing has been done despite enormous community concern and the risks to health and the closure of businesses.

“Robyn Parker has either deliberately mislead the community, or bungled her Ministerial responsibilities, or possibly both.

“Given plans to reopen the Hillgrove antimony mine and the proposal for a massive new antimony mine at one of the headwaters of the Clarence River, the government must assess and respond to the real and unacceptable risk of further contamination.”

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