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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Another school bus crash and no action on seat belts or rules on standing in sight.

Responding to news of another school bus crash involving a collision
with a semi-trailer on the North Coast, Greens MP and transport
spokesperson says the upgrade of school buses on regional routes appears
stalled, with the School Bus Safety Advisory Committee yet to report and
no action on seat belts or rules on standing in sight.

"Considering the government has had access to assessments of the most
dangerous routes for years, it's not good enough that we still haven't
seen any concrete action," said Ms Faehrmann.

"Established in April, the Committee has met twice, issued three press
releases, and only begun accepting submissions in September. This rate
of progress simply isn't good enough.

"This accident highlights just how easily accidents can happen. Luckily
it hasn't resulted in serious injuries, but do we need to wait for a
tragic accident before the government acts?

"An advisory committee is not the kind of thing that inspires
confidence in parents – they want seatbelts and better rules on speed,
standing and other concrete measures to improve safety for their kids.

"The Greens support wide consultation and the work of the Committee,
but the government shouldn't be using this as an excuse to delay action
that is inevitable. They should be fast tracking
the installation of seat belts on the most dangerous routes as
identified by the department years ago," said Ms Faehrmann.

Media contact: Peter Stahel 0433 005 727

Greens candidate for Clarence, Janet Cavanaugh, added her concerns about the lack of action on this issue.
"There has been plenty of time for action by the O'Farrell/Stoner government on this basic protection of school children," she said.

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