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Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Update: O'Farrell's Attacks on Your Services

Public services: too important to sacrifice

The Coalition’s attack on public sector jobs and conditions will:

  • force schools, hospitals and other public services to cut back on services and conditions to achieve so-called “efficiencies”;
  • slash salaries and conditions, making it much harder to recruit new public sector employees;
  • shackle the independent umpire to government policy;
  • strike a savage blow against the union movement in NSW; and
  • undermine the entire public sector and its ability to provide quality services to the community.

How To Cut Services and Reward the Most Wealthy and 'Big Business' for their donations. Many think this is the plan used by conservatives in the USA. Is it now a coalition agenda?

1. Allege that public service workers, the workers that provide services for you, the teachers, nurses, police, health sector workers and others, are overpaid and inefficient. There is no need to provide proof of allegations, an unsubstantiated smear campaign is sufficient. It is always easy to find at least one example of inefficiency and to ignore the vast majority of excellent public sector workers that teach, nurse, prevent crime, counsel, manage forests and generally support you, the ordinary tax paying citizen.

2. Allege there is a 'black hole' in the state budget that can be repaired by cutting services (not by taxing the rich and the corporations).

3. Sack the public service workers and state that this is an efficiency exercise.

4. Now the taxes of the wealthy and the corporations can be cut. The very rich are wealthy enough to pay top dollar in private hospitals and private schools, they won't miss such services. The big corporations will reward the conservative parties with more 'donations'. Pass laws that label those who protest as 'terrorists' and imprison those most active.

The NSW Liberal/National Government's Record

SMH October 26, 2011

NSW Premier Barry O'Farrell says the government will push ahead on its target of 5000 public sector redundancies ahead of his announcement of the first round.   .........................

....... News Ltd reported that if workers knocked back the redundancy offer, they would lose their jobs in three months.
Labor MP Walt Secord questioned whether the job cuts would really be attained through voluntary redundancy, saying people were being told: "You've got three months to be voluntarily redundant. If not we'll make you redundant".
"You've got the capacity to look for another job if you decide not to take a voluntary redundancy (within government)," Mr Baird replied.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/ofarrell-sticks-to-target-of-culling-5000-jobs-20111025-1mhg8.html#ixzz1bovF3zss

The O'Farrell government's sudden announcement that TAFE teachers will be dumped into the federal industrial relations system is yet another blow for the public provider of vocational education and training, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye. Wednesday 12 October 2011


Greens MEDIA RELEASE - 28 September 2011

The government is moving to close IR Offices in Penrith, Coffs Harbour, Gosford, Wagga Wagga and Orange, and will cut jobs in IR Offices in Newcastle and Wollongong. In all, 48 people will lose their jobs, and all these communities will lose services.

Greens NSW MP and Industrial Relations spokesperson David Shoebridge said:

"Not only will almost 50 people lose their jobs, these communities will lose important services.

"These job cuts mean people in these areas will lose access in their communities to direct advice regarding their rights at work.

"Barry O'Farrell is failing in his promise to deliver for the people in regional and rural NSW.

"Both the Government and Opposition must realise that the interests of working people need to be at the heart of our industrial relations system, not that of deregulated big business," Mr Shoebridge said.

More information:  Mark Riboldi 9230 3030 | 0433 753 376

Posted 16-9-2011
Meanwhile, the Greens MP John Kaye has also identified a cut of $55.9 million in TAFE funding.
Dr Kaye said the government had taken the axe to TAFE's budget two weeks after it had agreed to the Council of Australian Governments' agenda of more competitive funding for TAFE, which would pit it against private providers.
''Taking $56 million out of the TAFE budget is a direct attack on the economic future of NSW and opportunities for working people,'' he said.

Posted 16-9-2011 
MORE than 50,000 children, including some of the state's most disadvantaged students, are missing out on vital English language teaching because of a lack of funding, the NSW government has conceded.
The Education Department's figures show 50,435 public school students were unable last year to access the specialist English as a second language teaching they required.
Only 20 extra positions were created in the past decade for teachers providing targeted ESL support, despite the number of students in need rising 16,000, to 137,000.

Greens MP John Kaye

Services, jobs and infrastructure sacrificed to deficit phobia

Tuesday 06 September 2011
By giving into the myth that the state has to retain its AAA rating, the first Coalition budget in sixteen years has cut $9 billion out of the public sector and slashed infrastructure spending by $1.6 billion over the next 4 years, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.
Dr Kaye said: "Barry O'Farrell's morbid fear of deficit budgeting has driven him to break his infrastructure promise and inflict savage cuts on public sector workers and services.
"Forcing the budget back into surplus after just 12 months by slashing public sector pay, conditions and services and underspending on infrastructure will badly compromise the state's chances of weathering the coming global economic storm.
"The Premier promised to be Barry the Builder. Instead his first budget is about slash and burn.
"Treasurer Mike Baird did a great spin job. His much touted 12 percent increase in infrastructure is in reality a reduction in real terms of $1.6 billion.
"The so-called 'efficiency strategies' will inflict more than $9 billion in cuts to public sector wages, conditions and programs.
"More than 5,000 positions are to be lost.
"This is a direct attack on low and middle income households that depend on quality public sector services.

John Kaye September 6

THOUSANDS of public-sector workers could lose their jobs if the NSW Government fulfils a pre-budget promise to inject an extra 900 nurses into the health system, the Opposition says.
The comments come after the Government announced that $84 million would be set aside in Tuesday's state budget to increase nurse numbers in 2011-12.
"If you are employing 900 extra nurses and sacking 20,000 workers from other departments, there's a net loss there of thousands and thousands and thousands of jobs," shadow treasurer Michael Daley told reporters in Sydney.
The Daily Telegraph, September 4 2011- From: AAP September 04, 2011 6:48PM

The chief economist at BIS Shrapnel, Frank Gelber, says teachers face an erosion of real wages in NSW because inflation at an estimated 3.3 per cent over five years will eat up the increase and more.
He warns that the government need not ''panic about wages'', saying it has overplayed the supposed budget black hole that Baird insists it inherited.
With expected deficits that equate to about 2 per cent of expenditure, NSW is not exactly in a financial hole.

John Kaye, Greens MP ... Media Release  ... Health Minister 'deletes' 150 jobs to improve budget bottom line 
Thursday 25 August 2011
The Minister's rhetoric about deploying resources to the front line is a thinly veiled excuse to slash the Health budget, according to Greens NSW MP John Kaye.

Dr Kaye said: "Health Minister Jillian Skinner has not only 'deleted' jobs and destroyed 150 careers. She has also removed both the central and cluster support needed to make the public health system run effectively and efficiently.
"Jobs, expertise and the economies of scale are being tossed out to pursue budget cuts and the Coalition's obsession with local decision making. 
"The clusters were created after extensive consultation with clinicians, health experts and the community. The Minister is ignoring the advice that there are economies of scale at the regional level by shoe-horning all support services into the districts.
"The O'Farrell government is putting budget savings and ideology ahead of quality care. Undermining the support delivered to the Local Health Districts might save a few hundred million dollars but it will leave front line staff without the administrative and expert backup they need. 
"Health Minister Jillian Skinner has delivered a massive insult to the experts whose jobs she has 'deleted'. She has ignored the results of public consultation and she has put patients' lives at risk. 
"Restructuring comes with a cost. People who work on the front line need continuity and professionalism from their managers, not a climate of constant change," Dr Kaye said.
For more information:  John Kaye 0407 195 455


Mr Baird and the Premier, Barry O'Farrell, have warned of a ''tough'' budget and their determination to align expenses growth with revenue as speculation mounts about deep cuts to programs and more cuts to public sector jobs.
Last week the Health Minister, Jillian Skinner, announced the loss of 150 management jobs to save $80 million.
Staff have been told of cuts to research jobs in the Department of Primary Industries.

 The Health Minister, Jillian Skinner, said 150 positions would be made redundant. The remaining 150 would be transferred to other areas, including district services.

THE possible loss of 10 jobs from the Grafton jail has prompted claims Clarence MP Steve Cansdell does not care about protecting jobs in his electorate.

'Govt fails to protect jail jobs', The Daily ExaminerDavid Bancroft | 6th August 2011

PLANS to cut 338 frontline staff from NSW prisons, to save more than $30 million, would create a safety risk and threaten the government's promised investment in prisoner rehabilitation, the Opposition and unions warned yesterday.

THE Barry O'Farrell government has embarked on its first round of public-service job cuts, announcing it will slash the number of positions at a research facility within the Department of Primary Industries by more than a third.
 Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/scientists-first-out-as-ofarrell-axes-jobs-20110818-1j06z.html#ixzz1WMM3vauf

Pay cuts as NSW IR laws introduced

PARK rangers, librarians and court officers will be among the first public sector workers to take a pay cut as the NSW government's industrial relations laws come into force, opposition industrial relations spokeswoman Sophie Cotsis says.
"This is just the first in a very long line of cases where NSW public servants including nurses, teachers and fire fighters - will have their real wages cut," Ms Cotsis said in a release on Thursday.
"Next up we will see our teachers, nurses, fire fighters and other public sector workers having their real wages and basic conditions cut under this legislation."
Legislation was passed in June to cap annual wage increases at 2.5 per cent and to sideline the Industrial Relations Commission from hearing wage disputes.
Ms Cotsis said wage cuts will be the only way NSW public sector workers will be able to retain basic conditions under the O'Farrell government's wage cap.

Coffs Coast Advocate. August 11, 2011

The government bill strips the NSW Industrial Relations Commission of its powers to set wages and conditions for all frontline public servants.

What They Said before They Were Elected

Reports that public service jobs will be at risk if the coalition wins government at the NSW election in March are "rubbish", an opposition spokesman says.
"(NSW Opposition Leader Barry O'Farrell) has said we will need more public servants, not less, to fix NSW so the report is rubbish," the spokesman said on Sunday.
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