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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Luke Hartsuyker Supports Antimony mine.

' Luke Hartsuyker says his recently quoted figures about 60 possible jobs at a reopened antimony mine at Lower Bielsdown came from owner Anchor resources.

“Anchor Resources came to see me and told me it would be a small mine that would generate something in the order of 60 jobs,” Mr Hartsuyker said.

“There is nothing definite - the drilling program is still under way at this stage.”

He said if the mine went ahead then all the appropriate environmental safeguards would be in place but the jobs would certainly be a boost to the local economy.

“It is still a very long process ahead.”

Residents on the Dorrigo Plateau met last weekend to discuss the possible effects of the mine on the environment.

“This mine is situated down a one-vehicle road that twists through farmland and national park,” Trevor Deane said.

“The idea of sharing this road with heavy mining trucks is deeply worrying.

“This company is Chinese-owned. Ripping the heart out of the plateau so a Chinese company can make a lot of money is not the priority of residents who moved here to enjoy and care for this land.”

Antimony is now selling at $16 000 per tonne.'                     Coffs Coast Advocate September 28, 2011


If the mine has already been responsible for some contamination of Wild Cattle Creek and therefore the Clarence catchment,  why would those dependent on the Clarence River have confidence in 'appropriate environmental safeguards'? Have appropriate environmental safeguards been in place near Orica's industrial sites?   Orica's record: 131 pollution licence breaches since 2000

How can a mining company mining in an area with an annual rainfall of over 900mm be confident it will not pollute the catchment?

How many jobs will effected if the river is polluted?

What will happen to the residents of Coffs Harbour, Grafton and other communities if their water supply is contaminated by arsenic and antimony?

Will the river dependent industries survive a spill from the mine? Mr Hartsuyker has expressed concern for the local fishing industries. Why is he so confident that fish nurseries and fish stocks will not be effected?

• For more information about this mine go to the Dorrigo Environment Watch site

• Possible gold mines on the plateau

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