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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Contaminated by Antimony and Arsenic, Urunga's Hidden Site

The Antimony processing business previously on this site  once employed locals.  What a pity that it could not also employ locals to remediate the site. Antimony and Arsenic are washed into Station Creek thence into Urunga lagoon. Can this site ever be remediated?

"...levels of arsenic consistently exceeded the ANZECC (2000) swimming water quality guideline of 50 μg/L between March and May 2003. Levels of both arsenic and antimony in Station Creek increased after February 2003, a period dominated by many small rainfall events. These results suggest that arsenic and antimony are washed into the creek during wet weather.
Beachwatch Partnership Pilot Program State of the Beaches 2002–03
Department of Environment and Conservation NSW"

Learn more about the dangers of antimony at the new site of Dorrigo Environment Watch


Article in the Coffs Coast Advocate, August 13

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