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Saturday, 1 October 2011

Antimony mine pollutes Macleay River

How polluted is the Macleay River? Tiny amounts of Antimony pollution are known to cause major health difficulties. Are the residents living along the Macleay River fully aware of this pollution and its effects? What will be the impacts of reopening the Hillgrove mine?

Antimony mine pollutes Macleay River

Antimony is a highly toxic element.  It is used as a fire retardant and in advanced electronics.  The price has risen sharply in recent years and two mines are planned for NSW.  A company called Ancoa wants to reopen the Hillgrove gold and antimony mine.  This mine has been responsible for contaminating the Macleay River for 200km to the Pacific Ocean.  Last week the Office of Environment revealed that recent rain had caused further pollutants to spill into the river.  Jeremy asked the minister about this event and he admitted the river would be polluted for millennia. Anchor Resources wants to build a new antimony mine at Wild Cattle Creek at the head of the Nymboida River.  When asked about what the government would do to ensure that further contamination of the Macleay River or contamination of Nymboida River, Minister Greg Pearce didn't bother to provide an answer.

(Greens E-brief)

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